What is quality in distance learning? OpenDigi has compiled quality recommendations to support distance learning.

We want to pay attention to the quality of distance learning and support, for example, education providers in ensuring uniformity. 

The rationale behind the quality recommendations is to clarify the responsibilities of the various parties in organizing distance learning and to open up the rights of the pupil, guardian and teacher in particular. When the roles are divided, no one alone needs to be able to do everything and everyone is left with the opportunity to take care of their own coping with daily life.

We want to highlight seven points in the quality recommendations that we hope education providers will take into account when instructing schools and teachers in organizing distance learning.

The recommendations are by no means intended to put additional pressure, but to draw attention to the essentials and help to cope.

In summary, we would like to remind you:

  • The teacher has his own task, to be responsible for teaching.
  • Principals have a role to play, keep the school running and the teacher community cohesive.
  • The parent has a role to play, enabling the child to work at home.
  • The child has a role to play, to work with the teacher’s instructions and support, ie to study.
  • The training provider has its own role, to organize the equipment and technical support.

Edutopia’s article ”What Teachers in China Have Learned in the Past Month” is used as a background for the Quality Recommendation. Published 13.3.2020